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"Where Are You Really From?"

How many times have YOU been grilled with the 'where are you REALLY from' questions about your origins? Although sometimes dismissed as a mere annoyance, these invasive questions play into a larger belief that people of certain backgrounds (such as Asian) are somehow more foreign and unassimilable than those of other backgrounds, and reinforces the notion of them being the 'perpetual foreigner.'

It's time for the ultimate rebuttal to this 'perpetual foreigner' line of questioning, and that's what this song aims to deliver.

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"Model Minority Myth"

You hear it all the time as an Asian person. “You’re Asian, so you must be good at math! Are you going to be a doctor?” At first, it sounds like a good thing to hear, and something that would lead to greater feelings of self-worth. How could being considered a precocious poindexter be bad? Isn’t it a positive thing to be considered intelligent and successful?

But think about it more: what about the multitude of people of Asian descent who aren’t high achieving STEM professionals? What about those who didn’t come as university students or skilled workers but rather as refugees or asylum seekers? And most of all, what about all the other groups of people in the U.S. that have faced discrimination but who are told that it is their failure to just “get over it” that is holding them back (“because the Asians did it”) rather than the effects of systemic and institutionalized inequities?

The Asian model minority myth has directly perpetuated anti-Black and other forms of racism in our society. It delegitimizes and denies the experience of all the people of Asian descent who don’t conform to its unrealistic Asian identity, and aims to place minority groups into an arbitrary hierarchy to drive a wedge between them. It seeks to cover up the long history of anti-Asian racism by presenting a Potemkin portrayal of a docile and accepted immigrant that has become successful in the face of adversity through nothing more than hard work. In doing so it seeks to argue that the root causes of disparities between different groups are not actually a problem and that the determination of the individual is really the only thing that matters.

It’s time to stop believing in it.

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Despite having little to no recognition in the music industry and never having made a single cent from his music, Matt R. Fact still likes to fancy himself as a "rapper," and occasionally introduces himself as such at social engagements as long as no one he knows from his day job will be there. Keeping in line with his name, he raps about his real life, touching on subjects such as ways to make nonprofit funding more efficient and impactful or the experience of being Asian American.



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